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Oct 1, 2012 4:30am PDT
busy theme park ride in cal why the park says the accident was his fault. >>> candid moment about arnold's affair and his marriage. what he's saying about the turbulent times in his life. >>> in today's tech bites getting rural america online. dish network today stars offering broadband. won't be as fast as wired more than 14 million rural americans have no access. if you haven't placed your orders for wii game system you may be out of luck goes on sale mid november online preorders already sold out. apple apologizing for the company's new map app which has all sorts of mistakes the google is pointing out that its maps are still available by using a browser. don't bother shooting off an e-mail to janet napolitano she says she doesn't use it for a number of reasons her agency >>> good morning thank you for joining us. going to be hot later today mike is advising us to drink plenty of water. east bay is going to be really hot. not forecast coming up. >>> we see it so well because there is no fog. in southern california a man recovering in the hospital after falling off a water slide
Oct 5, 2012 4:30am PDT
, might want to make alternate plans it is going to be gridlock. bart running extra trains, cal game capping -- happening, extra games for that muni extra buses caltrain going to the stand ford game extra trains for events this weekend. -- >> i wish there was something to do this weekend. >>> this morning american airlines is cancelling dozens of flights as it tries to fix seats in 48 planes. half the fleet is grounded for a second ron of repairs monitored by federal regulators -- engineers are strengthening the mechanism that locks seats to floor some rows tipped over in mid flight this past week. >>> before you start loading up on coffee this morning, new study links caffeinated coffee to loss of vision. researchers found people drank a lot of coffee had a higher risk of developing a type of tkpwhrau coma. people who drank -- glaucoma. -- . >>> action two civil rights attorneys are taking to force the federal government to take control of the oakland police department. >>> as we've been telling you from fleet week not playoffs to justin bieber live with what you need to know to get
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2